Supernova 3 Star Cricket Bat

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When you walk to the wicket with a Gray-Nicolls cricket bat, you already have the air of a player that means business. Make that cricket bat a Gray-Nicolls Supernova InfraRed 3 Star and this perception will rise even higher.

You have been given a bat that does everything you'd want, brilliantly. From design to technology, this bat is top of the class. A large sweet spot is made to look all the more intimidating by the beautiful red sticker that sweeps down the spine of the bat – a classic Gray-Nicolls touch to make a bowler gasp in anguish.

From a craftsmanship perspective, our master bat makers and designers have worked their magic on the Supernova Infrared bat. Hand speed has been optimised by careful contouring and shaping of the 3 Star bat, helping batsmen generate more hand speed and to aid precision placement. That's not to say power is lacking, and when it's time to unleash, the Supernova InfraRed goes into overdrive.

The 3 Star Supernova Infrared is a beautiful cricket bat, ideal for friendly cricketers or those playing mid-level club cricket. It has been tested and refined by bat makers for 12 months with one goal – extract every inch of performance from this blade as possible.

The asymmetric red and black face stickers pair beautifully with classic Gray-Nicolls chequerboard design, a nod to both our past and our future as one of the game's most admired brands.

The 3 Star Supernova InfraRed bat is from grade 3 English willow. Your blade will feature minor blemishes and looser, less frequent grains, but your performance will never be affected.

All bats in the Supernova Infrared range will be quality controlled at our home in Robertsbridge before being are sent out to you.