GREYNICOLLS Powerbow 6X Players Cricket Bat

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Looks are essential on the cricket field. Impeccably pristine whites. Shirt tucked in. Pads and gloves fastened precisely. Sleeves revealing just enough skin. You are ready to battle the best, looking your best. All you need is a cricket bat to complete the look. The Powerbow6X Players bat is that partner you need. In the age of shock and awe, the Powerbow6X is a perfect hybrid of timeless styling and contemporary performance.

The Powerbow family's popularity ensured it had to remain in our 2019 range in some form, and the Powerbow6X features everything you would expect from the legendary name, with a few twists to allow it to stand up to the rigours of the modern game.

The low middle gives the Powerbow6X a distinctive signature compared to the rest of the range, making it the obvious choice for front foot batsmen. However, it is a bat that will appeal to the masses with massive power up and down the bat.

Another feature of the Powerbow6X is its incredibly light pick-up, giving even the heavier bats in the range a beguilingly weightless feel. How is this achieved? To counter the low swell, the toe is feathered, taking all weight out of the very bottom of the bat without any compromise on power. The result? Unbelievable pick-up. Incredible balance. Unrelenting performance.

The sticker design of the Powerbow6X cricket bat offers a bridge between the Gray-Nicolls Classic range and the Test range in which it sits. The minimal white and chrome provide a subtle but distinct look, running down the spine of the bat and flare towards the toe, showcasing the exaggerated blade contouring and low swell. Flashes of volt green in the trims add depth to the colour palette, giving the bat a contemporary feel and punch, without compromising the timeless aesthetic.

An iconic bat, the Powerbow was used by Alastair Cook on his Test Match debut and will return to the hands of England's greatest ever batsman in 2019.

The Powerbow6X is the result of a lengthy consultation process with our design team, bat makers and professional players, including India Test star Karun Nair. He desired to create a Gray-Nicolls cricket bat with a clear low middle that pushed us to give the Powerbow6X the distinctive features that it now showcases.

Made from English willow, grown and felled around Robertsbridge, East Sussex, every Powerbow6X cricket bat will be quality checked by our bat pickers in the bat cave before making its way to you.